Social Responsibility – Day (1 day)

  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • klassikaal
  • 575,- ex. VAT

If you have a business or organization that serves and/or sells alcohol, then you are obligated according to the Alcohol Act to meet the Social Responsibility requirement. Did you know that there must be at least one person present in the company during opening hours who has the SVH Social Responsibility Diploma? This requirement does not only apply to the manager or owner, but to everyone who is named on the permit. Meet the legal requirements and prevent yourself from being fined or even worse that you need to close your business!

What do you learn during the course Social Responsibility – Day (1 dag)?
In one day you are being prepared for the official SVH exam Social Responsibility. You will learn convenient methods to make clear to your guests what is allowed and what is not and you learn how you can guarantee the safety and well-being of yourself, your colleagues and guest.

What other people say
It gives a good feeling that everyone possess the SVH Diploma Social Responsibility. It makes scheduling way easier and do not need to worry that much if one of my employees is ill.

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Social Responsibility – Day (1 day) by SHO

How to deal with guests
Business formula
Hospitality formula
Alcohol Act
Rule enforcement
How to deal with intimidation, aggression and violence
Discussion models
Different policies (like alcohol, drugs and gambling)
Layout requirements and provisions
Safety requirements

Officially recognized by:

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For whom

Entrepreneurs, executives and employees of establishments in the hotel and catering business and liquor stores, but also for managers, employees and voluntary workers in canteens, clubs, community centers and institutions

Admission requirements

No preliminary training required


SVH exam which consists of 40 multiplechoice questions. The official SVH exam can be scheduled after participating by calling or e-mailing us


SVH Diploma Social Responsibility


One day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and another day of your choice the exam of 40 minutes.

Tuition fees

€ 575,00 including course material, examination fee and day arrangement, VAT-excluded


It is desirable to redo this course after a few years to keep your knowledge up to date


The course Social Responsibility is also available as an E-learning or as a written home study


Is it possible to only take the Social Responsibility exam?

Yes it is possible. Please contact us at phone number 0031-76-5710078.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes it is possible. Please contact us at phone number 0031-76-5710078.

What is the difference between Social Responsibility and HACCP?

Social Responsibility is about dealing with people and their behavior. In this course you learn, for example, how to tell someone who is drunk in a respectful way that he cannot order or buy any alcoholic drinks. The HACCP course is about how to apply the Hygiene code in practice, or in other words how to take care of food safety.    
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